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WTF Is Wrong With NBC: New Show To Feature Sassy & Ghetto 9-Year-Old Queenetta

Daija Owens stars as a young Queenetta in NBC’s latest sitcom “Best Friends Forever.” A soft-spoken Daija portrays a sassy and ghetto 9-year-old who clashes with her two  white neighbors who have watched her grow up into the stereotype that she is.

In the trailer for the April premiere, Queenetta tells her adult friend that she better let go of her khaki pants now that she is back in the dating field; oh, and that she needs her nails done (conveniently drop a Drake lyric here). 

Queenetta, rolls (her eyes, necks) with the best of them. Her character would be cute if it didn’t depict black females as the loud, sassy, in-your-face, angry type-of-person the media commonly portrays us as. 

All this show does is prove that there can’t be a central character in a major production without he or she falling prey to a company’s lack of sensitivity and limited scope of black people. 

Not only is Queenetta’s name offensive, she clearly has no parents in the trailer (we all know there can only be one black character in these situations). 

Take a look at precious Queenetta: here.

I can’t with NBC. I really can’t.

white people collect your folks.


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    I just watched this show and I’m not quite sure how I feel about Queenetta. She’s stereotypically sassy, but she was...
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    What the. I don’t even. Hell of offensive bullshit right here. Who would even laugh at this kind of horrific retrograde...
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    Why do people keep pretending that black people haven’t criticized the Game and Tyler Perry? Like for real though?...
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    Who at NBC thought this was a good idea? This only puts Afro-ethnic people in a smaller box by society. I hate the whole...
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    Man. My people are dumbfucks. *hangs head in shame* Its about time to kick some cracker ass.
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    …& the wonderful people at NBC .. really .. dont see the problem ..?
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    I was waiting for someone to say something about this
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    I’m crying because I’m fucking livid and disappointed. She’s the same age as my cousin. she even looks like her-all...
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    Excuse me?!! Everything about this is absurd.
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    This is truly DISGUSTING!! But I am not surprised!
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    Not only does the show look SO horrible and screams of white women’s problems, but this is so problematic and racist....
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    what the fuck.
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    Congrats to NBC for continuously stereotyping PoC and - even more wrongly - sexualizing a 9 year old black girl.
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    and a hardy fuck you NBC. this shit is TIRING
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    Not appropriate, NBC. Okay, people. Time for a petition. ABC yanked that trans*-mocking sitcom off the air because...
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    I am beyond disgusted here. This is so fucking wrong. Okay, fellow white women, we need to go get our people, we need to...
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    Can black girls ever be children and not miniature mammys or sexual objects ?
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    The fuck?
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