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So, I keep compiling a list of people I want Christina Aguilera to collaborate with.

It’s getting pretty long, actually. I want her to step away from pop oriented folk. Like, here’s my list.

New People and whatnot:

  • Shirley Manson (Garbage)
  • Chris Corner (IAMX, Sneaker Pimps)
  • Nina Persson (The Cardigans)
  • M83 (instead of just sampling, ya dig)
  • Imogen Heap
  • Roisin Murphy
  • Geoff Barrow (Portishead)
  • Bitter:Sweet
  • DJ Shadow
  • DJ Krush
  • Trent Reznor (COULD YOU IMAGINE!??!?!)
  • 9th Wonder
  • Bruno Mars (look, man….. He’s good. He can write the fuck out of a song!)
  • Esthero
  • Frank Delgado (Deftones)

Oldies but Goodies:

  • Linda Perry
  • Sia
  • DJ Premier
  • Scott Storch

It’s a growing list. I get into moods and then decide that I’d like Christina to go this or that way musically. I think a good downtempo/trip-hop/alterna-pop album would be her best bet. Jazz/RnB influences do wonders for her darker tones, ya dig. I just want her to go complete left field. It would make me happy.

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