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I’d also like us to encourage people to gang rush shooters, rather than following their instincts to hide; if we drilled it into young people that the correct thing to do is for everyone to instantly run at the guy with the gun, these sorts of mass shootings would be less deadly, because even a guy with a very powerful weapon can be brought down by 8-12 unarmed bodies piling on him at once. Would it work? Would people do it? I have no idea; all I can say is that both these things would be more effective than banning rifles with pistol grips.

Newsweek’s Megan McArdle  (via mediamattersforamerica)

Blast off in 3…2…1…

Yes, let’s blame the little kindergartners for not taking down their murderer. Seems legit.

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Totally legit. And by totally legit I mean completely outlandish and stupid.

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Cole…you stupid. 

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What the…..

*filed under: too stupid to tax my sick body by forming a cogent response*

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Is this bitch fa’real? Like, really? This is why I don’t fux with people. Stupid shit like this. 6 and 7 year olds rushing a dude with a gun? Yep, seems legit. I hope this bitch steps on a push pin. Fuck this broad.

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