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Yo, I will say this…

I find it hilarious how many people are getting on Beyonce for lip-synching and calling for her head. I remember a certain event in 2011 where a certain singer slipped up on the lyrics of the her (LIVE) rendition of the same song and how everyone was calling for her head. It seems that people expect perfection on all accounts. Beyonce will forever have this on her Wikipedia page, as does Christina. It’s all just really hilarious how the Beyhive now has to defend their queen against the same shit they threw at the Fighters and Xtina. Eh. Shit happens. I’m not mad. Just…..smug. 

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  4. ramblingreality said: I hate that some of them make me feel like I have to defend Beyonce, and I don’t even like her.
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    AGREED! It’s ridiculous how people just expect singers to sing 100% flawlessly. Christina stumbled on one line, but sang...
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