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Rape Culture and McKayla Maroney.

See, I don’t follow McKayla Maroney’s career, so I truly don’t know what she is or isn’t doing. However, I find it interesting that people are slut-shaming her to hell because the girl likes to do the “Myspace pose” all over her Instagram. Let’s just put this out there: teenage girls negotiating their own sexuality is not a bad thing. I’d say it’s kid shit, but grown people do it too. Posting one’s pictures showing said negotiation is not really a sign of insecurity or seeking validation, though it can be. It’s silly, sure. But, all in all, it’s pretty normal. It’s not something to be scandalized by, at least. Sure, it’s tricky when these are underage children doing it, especially girls, because of patriarchy and rape culture. 

But, let’s get to that. Isn’t it sad that young women are willing to slut-shame McKayla but let gross dudes who call her sexy (ALL WHILE KNOWING HER FUCKING AGE) and objectify her get away with fucked up behavior? I find that really odd. But, then again, part of the patriarchy is this idea of modesty and moralizing behaviors that don’t jive with that idea? She’s wrong for “sluttin’ it up”. Her parents are wrong for allowing their daughter to negotiate her personhood. Her body is inherently sexy and it’s her job to not garner attention. None of this puts the onus where is should be: on gross people who sexualize a young woman because “it is what it is”. That’s rape culture, kids. That’s teaching girls how to not get raped instead of teaching dudes not to rape. Congrats. You are lacking human decency. 

*This whole spiel was prompted by this bullshit right here, because, obviously, people don’t know what hypocrisy is. Or, rather, they are really that damn clueless to the context in which this shit is happening. Protip, kids: things don’t happen in a vacuum. It’s important to learn how put things into context. Very important.  

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