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For those not following the Melissa Harris-Perry race debacle here’s a little summary….


MHP theorizes about how race effects Obama’s Presidency

Gene Lyons accuses MHP of “whining, compares her to Michele Bachmann & says PhD’s are trained to find racist symbols in passing clouds

Joan Walsh gets into the act 

As does David Sirota

As does Taylor Marsh

Angry Black Lady rebukes Gene Lyons critique of MHP

As does Elon James White

As does Radically Queer

As does The Reid Report

As does Tiger Beatdown

As does Bob Cesca

As does Graceishuman

As does Feministing

As does Racialicious

As does EJ Graff

MHP responds to criticisms of her criticisms

Gene Lyons can go eat a bag of expired, sour dicks and also!